Discovery of Biomarkers

Biomarker discovery requires sure identification of a biomarker with real-time quantitative information to indicate proteins  which are altering to a statistically applicable degree in response to disease. The discovery of biomarkers has been developed a  new  strategies from the initial stages. In the first stage of biomarker discovery proceedings, investigation depends upon mass spectrometry techniques to make unbiased, semiquantitative analysis of changes between healthy and diseased conditions. The slope of probable biomarkers generated in the discovery stage is to be further substantiated due to the high false positive rate. It is done through  more targeted and quantitative mass spectrometry techniques, such as immuno-affinity peptide enrichment.

This track includes, the latest trends in discovery, development and identification of  biomarkers are discussed. There are many new strategies present  in development of biomarkers. In this section advancements of biomarkers in various sectors like  paediatric diseases biomarkers, clinical biomarkers, and clinical analysis of NGS samples are covered.